K-12 Special Services

Mission Statement 

Special Education supports schools, special education staff, and families in their efforts to ensure quality instruction, resulting in student success.

Special Education Staff by Building

Platte County High School Special Education Teachers

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Dana Smith Coleen Johnson
Gail Martin
Tara Deckard

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Parkin   No Photo!
 Donna Dickinson   Katie Parkin  Kenna Sampsell Andrea Wilhelm-Brooks
Emily Presnell      
 Andrea Brooks    


Platte City Middle School Special Education Teachers

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Kellyn Webster Christina Rench Joe Henson
Dana Stephenson  Teresa Harvey

Barry School Special Education Teachers

No Photo! Emily Presnell

Adam Nelson Joshua Jurgens


Pathfinder Elementary Special Education Teachers  

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Clare Temperelli Marsha Perry


Siegrist Elementary Special Education Teachers 

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Rachel Minter Terri Williams Cherie Thatcher,
Language  & Social Skills Based Education Classroom
Vanessa Deis


Compass Elementary Special Education Teacher

 Beth Friederich Darcy Lippman   Monica Jaynes Porter  

 Beth FriederichDarcy Lippman  Monica JaynesJackie Porter