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  • Caroline Linn & Dr Beutel Caroline Linn & Dr. Archer and Mrs. McClure

    Board Recognizes Caroline Linn for her Trasure Chest Contribution
    Caroline Linn, 1st Grader at Siegrist Elementary, was recognized at the Platte County Board of Education meeting for being the first person to give a cash donation to the Platte County Treasure Chest.  She held a lemonade stand this summer and donated her proceeds to the Treasure Chest.  In addition, she donated some of her personal items to the Treasure Chest and wrote a letter to her peers encouraging them to donate as well.  She is pictured with Dr. Jen Beutel, one the people in charge of the program.  She was also recognized at Siegrist Elementary today by Mrs. McClure and Dr. Archer for her example of showing the character traits of caring and compassion. 

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  • Student Leadership Roles Introduced at Siegrist
    We have introduced some building leadership roles and are piloting them among our third graders. Those roles include: School Greeter Leaders, Bus Leaders, Pledge Leaders and Flag Leaders. We are briefly introducing all third graders to these roles and offering them a chance to fill out a Leadership Application. Mrs. McClure and Dr. Archer will then be "interviewing" the applicants and assigning jobs. Some jobs may ask for students to be a few minutes early to school and if so, we will contact families to ensure that this will work for them. Otherwise, jobs will be able to be completed during the school day and will not require additional support from families. As jobs are assigned to students, they will be given a form to bring home to their family letting them know what the job entails and when they will be completing the jobs. As a family, this would be a great opportunity to celebrate their strengths as a leader and to review the importance of their job and role modeling for other students.

    We are excited to be offering these opportunities and are hopeful that we can work out the kinks to make improvements in the process before expanding these roles throughout the building and to different grade levels in the future.

    Pledge Leader Training Greeter Training Greeter Leaders Greeter Leaders Pledge Leaders Bus Leader Flag Leaders




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