1st Tier - 2021-22 PCMS/PCHS Routes 6-12

PLEASE NOTE: Changes for some routes at these schools may occur during the school year as ridership and scheduling needs require.

Choose the appropriate bus route, then click the link to see either the scheduled stops and approximate times.

Bus Route 101

Route 101

Northland Heights, Hunter's Ridge, Line Creek Meadows, Villages of Green Hills and Communities of Greenhills, Northfield

Bus Route 102

Route 102

East of Platte City: Hwy 92 east of Hoover, Skyview, Alan Acres, Walker Rd., North Creek, Ferrelview, 123rd Ter

Bus Route 103

Route 103

Woodland Trace area, Bello Mondo (Fontana, Florentina), Wilson Rd, Downtown Platte City NORTH of Hwy 92, Knighton Hts, Marshall Rd, Wedgewood Apts, High Pointe Apts, The Hamptons

Bus Route 104

Route 104

Red Rock, Interurban (from 128th St to Winan) Conant, Amity, 92 Hwy West of Interurban to Red Rock

Bus Route 105

Route 105

Tudor Flats (Gates Dr West, Catie Ln, Wilkerson, First St between Gates & Wilkerson), 4th St (between Gates Dr and Wells), Emmy Ln, Hull St. Townview Cir, Thomas Dr.

Bus Route 106

Route 106

Hwy 273, Hwy 371, Montague Ln, Cedar Ridge, Pine View, Elm Grove Rd, Sharps Station, North American Rd, Lakewood Dr, NW 178th St, Town Court Cir, Roller Ct, Tracy

Bus Route 107

Route 107

Lakes at Oakmont, North end (from 127th to Oakmont Dr), Fox Creek, Village Circle and Cable Bridge Road

Bus Route 108

Route 108

Platte Purchase Rd (S of Barry Rd), Falcon Falls, Hidden Lakes, Cedar Ridge, Creekwood Highlands, Woodbridge, Barry Woods, Timber Hills, Carrington Park, Barry Heights, Old Stagecoach Rd (in Barry Heights), Barry Harbor, The Meadows

Bus Route 109

Route 109

4th St (between Hwy 92 and Blake Dr), Wilson Dr (off 4th), Clark St, Murray Ln, Carmack, Meyers, Zed Martin, Mary Kay Ln, Wallingford, O'Rourke, Atchison St/Ct, Mill St, 1st St, Gaylord St, Academy St, Rader St, Almond St., Todd St., Collins St.

Bus Route 110

Route 110

Timber Park Meadows, Timber Park, New Bedford Falls

Bus Route 111

Route 111

Hwy N (between 135th St and Emmy Ln), Seven Bridges (3 stops Northeast area), Summit Way, Humphrey's Rd, 136th St (between Hwy N & N Summit Way), 

Bus Route 112

Route 112

Estates of Platte Valley, Williamsburg, Devonshire, Emerald Ct., Timber Creek, Summerset

Bus Route 113

Route 113

East of Platte City: Hoover Rd, B Hwy, Chez le Terre, Buckwood, Murphy Ln, Hidden Hills, N Winan RD (N of Hwy 92), Mona Ln, Frances Ln, Basswood Resort, Interurban Rd (N of Winan Rd), HH Hwy, Country Lanes East and West, Bethel Rd, Farmers Ln, Stephanie Ln.

Bus Route 114

Route 114

Tiffany Lakes, Tiffany Greens, Hawksbury, Weatherwood Cove, Robinhood Rd (From NW 108th to North of Cookingham) Cookingham to Skyview

Bus Route 115

Route 115

Hills of Oakmont

Bus Route 116

Route 116

Southwest of Platte City: Hillsboro Rd, Farley-Hampton Rd (west of Hillsboro Rd), Moore Rd, Windover, Highway N from 152 to Hillsboro Rd, 89th St

Bus Route 117

Route 117

Steeple Chase Apts, Fountain Hills, , Manor Homes Fox Crest, Platte Purchase (N of Barry Rd.), View Crest,  Wau Lin Cree

Bus Route 118

Route 118

Oak Valley, Prairie Creek Dr, Misty Springs, Oak Creek, Nevada St & 136th, South Hills of Oakmont (125th & 126th St accesses), Winan Rd (south of Hwy 92), Bent Oak Ct, Copper Ridge

Bus Route 119

Route 119

South Lakes of Oakmont, Oak Lane Cir, Oak Harbour, Oak Grove Ln, Woodview Ct, Brookfield, Running Horse Subv

Bus Route 120

Route 120

SW of Platte City: Hillsboro Rd (south of 89th), Farley-Hampton Rd (east of Hillsboro Rd), Jones-Meyer Rd, Hillview Rd Circle, Baker Rd Circle, Hwy 45, Moore Rd, Baker Rd (North of Moore Rd intersection)

Bus Route 121

Route 121

Seven Bridges (Northwest and South sections), N Highway North of Seven Bridges and South of 136th St

Bus Route 122

Route 122

(PCHS Only): Crooked Creek Apts., Belmont Apts, Holly Ridge, Falcon Ridge,