PCHS FBLA Sends 55 to State

PCHS FBLA Sends 55 to State
Posted on 02/06/2021

Congrats to our PCHS Future Business Leaders of America students who recently competed in the 2021 Virtual District 4 Leadership Conference, bringing home 17 first place, 12 second place, 11 third place, 7 fourth place, and 9 fifth place finishes, among other state qualifying entries. A total of 67 members entered various events, and 55 will be advancing to virtual state competition in mid-April. Congrats and best of luck! 

State Qualifiers

  • 1st Place Banking & Financial Systems: Brody Fulk, Weston Grimes, Austin Vanek
  • 1st Place Business Financial Plan: Ryan Dye, Emma Jones, Drake Lacina
  • 1st Place Business Plan: Natalie Shepherd, Samantha Teufel, Abby Wittel 
  • 1st Place Cyber Security: Evan Callow
  • 1st Place Digital Video Production: Chamberlain Brownsberger, Brayden Major, Will Moorhead
  • 1st Place eBusiness: Luke Bunge, Lydia Doole, Eli Nelson
  • 1st Place Healthcare Administration: Logan Metten
  • 1st Place Help Desk: Jack Scattini
  • 1st Place Impromptu Speaking: Gage Fulk
  • 1st Place Introduction to Business Presentation: Rachel Daffron, Nathan Vanek, Cameron Wolfe
  • 1st Place Introduction to Event Planning: Avery Davis, Marissa Orellana, Natalie Shepherd
  • 1st Place Networking Infrastructures: Evan Callow
  • 1st Place Political Science: Macie Moore
  • 1st Place Public Service Announcement: Chamberlain Brownsberger, Will Moorhead, Jaeger Rawlings
  • 1st Place Public Speaking: Macie Moore
  • 1st Place Publication Design: Gavin Nichols, Kaedon Ryerson, Victoria Sanders
  • 1st Place Word Processing: Matthew Oliphant
  • 2nd Place Business Communication: Emilia Wisniewski
  • 2nd Place Computer Problem Solving: Evan Callow
  • 2nd Place Future Business Leader (Wild Card): Victoria Williams
  • 2nd Place Insurance & Risk Management: Luke Bunge
  • 2nd Place Organizational Leadership: Matthew Oliphant
  • 3rd Place Advertising: Abby Wittel
  • 3rd Place Business Law: Logan Metten
  • 3rd Place Computer Problem Solving: Tyler Bean
  • 3rd Place Introduction to Business Communication: Daniel Bunge
  • 3rd Place Introduction to FBLA:  Natalie Shepherd
  • 3rd Place Introduction to Financial Math: Daniel Bunge
  • 3rd Place Networking Infrastructures: Jack Scattini
  • 3rd Place Personal Finance: Amaira Peterson
  • 4th Place Advertising: Taylor Mayne
  • 4th Place Cyber Security: Jaeger Rawlings
  • 4th Place Journalism: Lilliana Rizza
  • 4th Place Supply Chain Management: Drake Lacina
  • 5th Place Accounting: Emma Jones
  • 5th Place Business Law: Madison Britz
  • 5th Place Cyber Security: Will Moorhead
  • 5th Place Healthcare Administration: Ashtyn Webb 
  • 5th Place Insurance & Risk Management: Kacie Czarnecki
  • 5th Place Introduction to Financial Math: Caden Hulett
  • 5th Place Securities & Investments: Daniel Bunge
  • 5th Place Supply Chain Management: Josh Nelson
  • Wild Card Accounting: Brody Fulk
  • Wild Card Introduction to Business: Rachel Daffron
  • Wild Card Introduction to Information Technology: Gage Fulk
  • Wild Card Introduction to Information Technology: Gavin Nichols
  • Wild Card Supply Chain Management: Connor Rhoads
  • 3D Animation: Cody Green, Katie Ley, Keaton Smith
  • American Enterprise Project: Taylor Mayne, Amaira Peterson, Ashtyn Webb
  • Coding & Programming: Eli Nelson
  • Community Service Project: Chloe Bramble, Ashtyn Callahan, KayLyn Munn
  • Computer Game & Simulation Programming: Tyler Bean, Palmer Boekhout, Aidan McQueen
  • Electronic Career Portfolio: Emma Jones
  • Local Chapter Annual Business Report: Diana Alberty, Mya Sheehan, Victoria Williams
  • Management Information Systems: Gage Fulk, Gavin Nichols, Jack Scattini
  • Network Design: Shane Duggan, Brody Fulk, Cody Green
  • Partnership with a Business Project: Ryan Dye, Jackson Edwards, Emilia Wisniewski
  • Who’s Who in FBLA:  Emilia Wisniewski

2nd Place

  • Graphic Design: Shane Duggan, Carson Howe, Kaedon Ryerson
  • Hospitality Management: Chloe Bramble, Macie Moore, KayLyn Munn
  • Introduction to Social Media Strategies: Nash Brown, Jackson Edwards, Caden Hulett
  • Management Decision Making: Jaeger Rawlings, Connor Rhoads, Jack Scattini
  • Social Media Strategies: Ava Villarreal, Emilia Wisniewski
  • Sports & Entertainment Management: Brody Fulk, Brock Martin, Connor Rhoads
  • Web Design: Victoria Sanders, Ava Villarreal 

3rd Place

  • Broadcast Journalism: Madison Britz, Austin Vanek, Abby Wittel 
  • International Business: Drake Lacina, Austin Vanek, Grayson Walton
  • Job Interview: KayLyn Munn

4th Place

  • Client Service: Cameron Wolfe 
  • Entrepreneurship:  Lydia Doole, Natalie Pryor, Addison Sloan
  • Sales Presentation: Jackson Edwards, Brendan King, Grant Kingery

5th Place

  • Marketing: Luke Bunge, Brendan King, Aidan McQueen