All District Band and Choir

All District Band/Jazz Band and Choir Results
Posted on 02/19/2021

Congratulations to PCHS, Barry, and PCMS musicians on being selected to the 2020-21 All-District Bands and All-District Choir! Auditions were submitted virtually in December. All 18 of the PCHS vocalists that auditioned were selected for All-District Choir, 20 for the High School Honor Band, 7 for the High School Concert Band, 11 for the High School Jazz Ensemble, 16 for the Junior High All District Band, and 3 for the Junior High Jazz Ensemble. 

All-District Choir

Chandavian Bradley, Madison Britz, Kylie Edmunds, Genni Emms, Evan Handke, Mallori Klopfer, Madison Kunz, Lukas Lockett, Ryanne Rhude, Logan Rocha, Myles Schmitt, Scott Sellers, Megan Sellers, Annabelle Sweet, Olivia Umscheid, Austin Vanek, Ida Walsh, and Georgia White

High School Honor Band

Erian Stone - 7th chair Flute, Paige Ely - 9th chair Flute, Madison Kunz - 1st chair Oboe, Madelyn McFall - 4th chair Bass Clarinet, Isaac Havemeier - 1st chair Alto Saxophone, Andreas Kellepouris - 2nd chair Alto Saxophone, Ella Lowstetter - 4th chair Alto Saxophone, Luke Harms - 1st chair Trumpet, Will Moorhead - 2nd chair Trumpet, Madison Haugsven - 3rd chair Trumpet, Hayden Clark - 5th chair Trumpet, Paige Roberts - 7th chair Trumpet, Lillian Puntney - 1st chair Horn, Minna Arthurs - 2nd chair Horn, Chloe Stuart - 4th chair Baritone, Christopher Gentilia - 1st chair Tuba, Evan Callow - 1st chair Option 1 Percussion, Andrew Reil - 3rd chair Option 1 Percussion, Alexis Hornbeck - 2nd chair Option 2 Percussion, Tyler Lowstetter- 3rd chair Option 2 Percussion

High School Concert Band

Emmalyn Burnett - 1st chair Piccolo, Abigail Wittel - 1st chair Bassoon, Kinzey Dulin - 3rd chair Clarinet, Lyric Dulin - 2nd chair Tenor Saxophone, Alyson Stone - 5th chair Trumpet, James Florkowski - 3rd chair Trombone, Ian Burnett - 6th chair Trombone

High School Jazz Ensemble

Isaac Havemeier - 2nd chair Alto Saxophone, Ella Lowstetter - 2nd Alternate Alto Saxophone, Andreas Kellepouris - 1st chair Tenor Saxophone, Will Moorhead - Lead Trumpet, Madison Haugsven - 3rd chair Trumpet, Luke Harms - 4th chair Trumpet, Paige Roberts - 1st Alternate Trumpet, James Florkowski - Lead Trombone, Evan Callow - 2nd chair Drums, Lexi Hornbeck - 1st Alternate Drums, Lexi Hornbeck - 1st chair Guitar

Junior High All-District Band

Kylie Duryea - 3rd chair Flute, Madilynn Smith - 2nd chair Clarinet, Quinn Duggan - 5th chair Clarinet, Samantha Haugsven - 5th chair Alto Saxophone, Kendall Heckman - 1st chair Trumpet, Joshua Gentilia - 4th chair Trumpet, Noah Smith - 2nd chair Trombone, Paul Havemeier - 3rd chair Trombone, Josh Knickman - 4th chair Trombone, Katelyn Myers - 5th chair Trombone, Allie Kearns - 2nd chair Baritone, Bennett Sweet - 2nd chair Tuba, Liam Blacklock - 1st chair Percussion, Lane Callow - 2nd chair Percussion, Joanna Reil - 7th chair Percussion, Pryor Hinson - 9th chair Percussion

Junior High Jazz Ensemble

Kendall Heckman - 3rd chair Trumpet, Noah Smith - 1st chair Trombone, Paul Havemeier - 2nd chair Trombone