Delaying Return to Full In-Person

Delaying Return to Full In-Person Plans Until February 1
Posted on 12/30/2020
In collaboration with our local health authorities, the District has decided to again pause our return to full in-person learning at the secondary level. We will delay the January 11, 2021 return to full in-person plans in grades 6-12 until February 1. In-person learners in these grades will continue with their current alternating schedule learning scenario. See January's Alternating Schedule Calendar linked here. In collaboration with the Platte County Health Department (PCHD), recognizing that community spread is the main concern and our health department is anticipating a spike in cases following winter break, we do not feel it is the right time to bring everyone back following an extended holiday. Workforce availability is also a significant concern. We will analyze the impact of winter break and the implementation of a shorter quarantine period starting January 4, to make a decision for February 1. Our goal is to return to full in-person learning, when we have the support of our local health authorities, and we have the available workforce. We will continue to plan for such a return, but will also continue to monitor data and information in collaboration with the Platte County Health Department to make difficult decisions.