Staff Wellness

Wellness Goal

Platte County School District's wellness goal is to promote health and lifelong learning, raise awareness, and create opportunities for employees to continue improving their health, reduce stress, create healthy lifestyles and habits, and set examples for others.

Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors by Building
Building Ambassador
Barry School Rachel Baker
Compass Elementary Disa Rice
District Education Center/Great Beginnings Bobbi Wheeler
Northland Career Center Sara Price
Pathfinder Elementary Jennifer Wright
Platte City Middle School Jeff Humburg
Platte County High School Courtland Ingram
Siegrist Elementary Chelsey Ruffcorn


Staff Weight Room Privileges

Staying active and working out is important to living a healthy lifestyle. The Platte County R-3 School District cares about its employees' health and wellness and wants to give you every opportunity to work out. If you would like to use a weight room please see the attached instructions.

Wellness Classes

Platte County School District offers wellness classes at no charge to its employees. See class descriptions for class dates, times, and locations. To register for the wellness classes click here.

4/30 Challenge

  • The 4/30 Challenge starts on October 1 and ends April 30.
  • To participate in the 4/30 Challenge, print the 4/30 Challenge document, write your name and month at the top of the document. Write your goals in the appropriate category (nutrition, fitness, self-care, family) and the number of days you want to achieve your goals in the circle. The maximum number of goals an employee can have each month is four. At the bottom of the page, write in what your reward will be to yourself once you achieve your goals. At the beginning of each month, send a picture or scan your document/goals to your building Wellness Ambassador. Rewarding yourself is key to achieving your goals.
  • After you complete each month submit your 4/30 Challenge form to your building Wellness Ambassador. Your Wellness Ambassador will send you the link to submit your name to the monthly building drawing for a $25 voucher. See below for the gift voucher options. The deadline to submit your name to the drawing is the 5th of the following month.
  • At the beginning of January, if you have met any goals during the months of October, November or December each building we will draw a winner who will receive a $100 voucher.
  • At the beginning of May, if you have met any goals during the months of January, February, March or April each building will draw a winner who will receive a $100 voucher.
  • In May, we will also draw a District wide winner for one person to receive a $100 voucher.
  • Below are some ideas for goals in each category. The number of days you want to achieve your goal is listed for reference just so you can see that the goal days should be attainable and relevant to the goal. Some are reasonable at 3 days while others should be set high (30 days). Please challenge yourself with your goals. Here is the link to the Wholefully website we borrowed the idea from so you can see other goals.

YMCA Membership Information

  • The YMCA offers several different types of memberships.
  • No joining fee (value of $56.50/individual and $89.50/family) if you stay with the Y for 12 months.
  • Free Wellness Consultation: 1 Hour
  • Free Coaching Connections: 2, 30-minute sessions
  • Discounted rates on all programs
  • Over 70 land and water classes included in your membership
  • Free Kid's Zone included on a family membership